Встреча с Куки Синобу в Genshin Impact — концовки и достижения


To make the encounter active, obtain a minimum of 40 adventure ranks. Also complete the following quests:

  • “Heavenly Bull” by Arataka Itto.
  • “Intermediate Top. Chapter 2: The Dangerous Trail” by Archons.

After that, use the two keys of legends and open the encounter.

The first end of the meeting with Kuki Shinobu

Run and communicate with Uesugi.

In the dialogue with Kuki Shinobu, first choose the following answers:

  • “Except sometimes they don’t do the right thing.”
  • “Yes, because otherwise Shinobu would have been out of the gang a long time ago.”

Afterwards, run to Arataka Itto’s gang and start a dialogue there. The answers here are:

  • “Step forward, protect the gang!
  • “You must be sure to ask everyone’s forgiveness…”
  • “Let’s go to the sanctuary and apologize first!”
  • “Miko seems to have made a deep impression on them.”
  • “I am familiar with the sanctuary…”
  • “Before in the Rift, Shinobu had already mentioned…”

Next go to the Great Narukami Temple to apologize to Yae Miko. In the dialogue select:

  • “You’ll have to obey her…”
  • “No one else seems to need my help…”
  • “But that’s against the rules.”
  • “Shinobu can probably handle it, but…”

Afterwards, take the congregation. Talk to Takuma first:

  • “We are priestesses of the temple.”
  • “Sooner or later fortune will smile on you.”
  • Maybe instead of Narukami…”

Next, communicate with Hayato:

  • “We are priestesses of the temple.”
  • “Isn’t it better to reach the reader’s heart?”

The last parishioner will be Asami’s grandmother. She will ask you to find the materials you need for omamori. They are all marked with tags, so just run around and collect them. One of the materials you’ll get after talking to Maki – don’t be surprised that the tag is on her. After collecting the materials, go to the sacred sakura and talk to Grandma Asami and Kuki Shinobu. The answer is as follows:

  • “That’s right, she wasn’t surprised that we were serving at the shrine…”

Next run to Yae Miko:

  • “Thank you, but I will refuse.”

After the dialogue leave the temple. In the next dialogue with Kuki Shinobu, answer:

  • “What is it?”

Doing everything exactly as described here will give you the Earnings Above Expectations recall and the One-Eye Achievement Achievement.

The second ending of the encounter with Kuki Shinobu

Choose the”Next Stop Sanctuary” stage. Go to the Great Narukami Shrine to apologize to Yae Miko.

Talking to Kuki Shinobu, choose:

  • “You can’t have Miko report it!”.
  • “Your sister.”

Go to the exit of the temple and talk to Miyuki climbing the mountain. The answers here are:

  • “Thank you for your kind words.”
  • “Pleased to meet you.”

Next, remove the announcements with the Anemo or Hydro element. There are tags on them – run and destroy the ads with elemental attacks. Then go down the mountain and meet up with members of the Arataki Gang. When talking to Miyuki, answer:

  • “Well actually I…”

Eventually, you will be given the memory”Time for secret affairs…”

The third end of the meeting with Kuki Shinobu

Choose the”Means and Methods” stage. Interact with the Arataka Gang and Kuki Shinobu.

The answers here are:

  • “Step forward defending the gang!”.
  • “Let me do better!”
  • “One whip can’t teach anyone…”
  • In Mondstadt there is a”Manual for the Knights of the Ordo Favonius…”

After this dialogue, all members of the Arataka Gang will disappear. Look for traces of Mamoru and the rest of the gang.

Look for traces of Mamoru and the rest of the gang.

Mamoru is hiding on the roof – get in there.

Find the tracks of Ganta and the others.

After locating Mamoru, head to the Aisa Baths to find Genta. He’s hiding under the bridge, and there are children playing near him.

Talking to the kids and the gang choose:

  • “Even children understand more than some…”

Then leave Inazuma and in the next dialog with Kuki Shinobu answer:

  • “Do you think Akira ran into them?

Next, head north to find the last member of the gang, Akira. You’ll find him behind the crates under the cliff. In your dialogue with him, answer:

  • “Okay, okay.”
  • “Shinobu said it’s not safe here.”
  • “Come with me. I promise Shinobu won’t hurt you.”
  • “Friends are never left in harm’s way.”
  • “What a coincidence…”
  • “Shinobu.”
  • “Come on, it doesn’t hurt at all.”

Now go back to Hanamizaka and check how things are going. Talking to Kuki Shinobu, choose:

  • “Penalty System?”

As a result, you will be given a recollection of”Enforcement of Laws!

The fourth ending of the encounter with Kuki Shinobu

Choose the”Road to the North” stage. Look for Akira in the north, just like in the previous ending. Chat with him.

Take your pick:

  • “But I’m not a member of your gang, am I?”
  • “Shinobu said it’s not safe here.”
  • “Since you’re so scared, I’ll help you hide.”

Go to Cookie Shinobu to see how she’s doing. Choose your answer:

  • “Does this party have…”

Go back to Akira’s hideout. There, talk to Shinobu again:

  • “Yes…”

Follow the tracks and look for Akira. To do so, follow the footprints in the sand, occasionally glancing at the marker. When you reach the spot, you’ll see Akira and Kairagi. A dialogue will begin, in it choose:

  • “Also me.”

After defeat the kairagi, the two nabushi and the two Fatuya shooters (cryo and hydro). Next, talk to Akira. You’ll unlock the”No Escape Storm” flashback and get the”Chief Advisor of the Arataka Gang” achievement, which only becomes active after you pass the fifth end of the encounter.

The fifth ending of the encounter with Kuki Shinobu

Choose the”Means and Methods” stage. Interact with Kuki Shinobu.

The answer choices here are:

  • “To silently take a step back…”.
  • “If you’re done…”
  • “Sooner or later you’d get it anyway.”
  • “You’re not going to do anything, are you?”

Afterwards, go to the second floor of the Phantom Arbor restaurant. Eavesdrop on the conversation. Go up a little higher and wait for Gento to say,”Hey! You can’t get in front of Shinobu and that tengu!” You’ll get the”Upstairs…” Achievement for that. Next, leave the restaurant and talk to Arataki Itto and his gang. The answers are:

  • “She’s being interviewed, but it’s…”
  • “Maybe there’s some kind of mistake.”
  • “If I were her, I’d have run away long ago.”

Go back to the Phantom Arbor restaurant. At the entrance you will find Kuki Shinobu. Answer her:

  • “Yeah, I just got here.”
  • “Actually…I’m here to join the Arataki gang.”
  • “I’m serious.”
  • “I like the guys from the Arataki gang.”

Next, talk to the street vendors. Start with Shimura Kambei, owner of the Shimura restaurant. Then run to Aoi from”Tsukumomono” and the Shota kid. Now run downstairs and talk to Arataka’s gang:

  • “Shinobu…”
  • “Here’s the answer.”
  • “Come on, Shinobu!”

As a result, you will get the”Arataka Gang Social Work Chronicle” flashback and the”Arataka Gang Chief Counselor” achievement for getting all the endings. In total, you will receive 90 source stones for the achievements and endings.

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