Atomic Heart. 100% walkthrough of the game


1. Sleep on the other side of the world.

Difficulties: 1) Peaceful Atom, 2) Local Failure, 3) Armageddon.
Sailing a boat on the canal. A voice from the glove will tell us about the “Chelomey” complex. A drone will fly up and offer you a soda. Sechenov will contact us and tell us, that we should come to the laboratory.

On the shore, we go towards the parade on the right. On the way, the scientist offers a personal device, “Thought”, we can take it, it will not work on us, because of the KRAZ glove. At the kiosk Soyuzpechatka, we can talk to the robot saleswoman on several topics. In the alley, we can buy soda water, ice cream.

We go to the memorial with the monuments. Around it, important dates of the alternate universe are painted. In 1942, the enemies released the deadly Brown Plague virus, almost all of humanity died from it. A year later, Enterprise 3826 was created, which accelerated the development of all sciences, creating the neural network “Collective 1.0”.

We go into the building, take the capsule, add the scanner function to the glove. With a hand gesture we will be able to examine things behind the walls. Exit the lab on the other side. Downstairs the parade will begin.

We go to the main building, take the elevator to Sechenov’s office. We find out that in 2 days, on June 13, 1955, the “Collective 2.0” network will be launched. In the office, the robotic twins hand us the key to the car. We go back down to the street, get in the Turbine.

The robot picks us up and carries us through the air. We’ll see that there are many cities on air islands all around. On the ground, we take a look at the big buildings. Suddenly, another robot shoots us down. We land in a factory where we’ll be attacked by robots. We’ll hide in the capsule. The girl robot will protect us, but will die.

2. Complex.

We wake up after the fall of the capsule. Near the ground in the axe Shved, draw it. Sechenov will tell us that the robot was hacked by the traitor Viktor Petrov. We need to find and deliver the traitor to the chief.

We go to the entrance of the complex. There are robots on our way and we fight them off with an axe. Near a large blob of polymer, in which you can swim in any direction.

Examine the toilet, we will be attacked by a robot, but he will be neutralized by Baba Zina with a pitchfork. We will be spotted by the robot scout. Babka will start firing at the flying robots with a machine gun. We will be thrown back by the explosion and take the elevator down to the underground complex.

3. I’m in so much fucking trouble.

In the “Vavilov” complex we need to find the valve from the door. Search all the closets nearby. On the furniture look for yellow tags, near them pull up to the floor above. Take the valve, go back, unlock the doors. The man behind the doors will be dragged away by steel tentacles.

4. Victor Petrov. Find and disarm.

We take the KS-23 shotgun, but we are low on ammo. On the right is a safe room where you can save yourself manually. On the left will attack a strong robot, dodge his attacks, hit with an axe. In the side room, search the lockers, we find a round clock “chippy”, inside the entry “Uncomplicated granny” (1). Examine the computer OS Demos, inside 4 messages.

Next robot is standing with his back, sneak up on him from behind, disconnect through the hole on his back. Near the murdered man the entry “Had a cup of tea, friend…” (2). On the other computer “Pear” 2 messages, next 3 messages.

In the hallway crack the lock: move the mouse to the right or left, looking for the right point to open. In the rooms cabinets and 1 robot.

The main corridor leads to the left, there will attack 2 robots. In the center of the table, on the table “No atheists in war” (3). Examine the locked door on the right.

5. Another obstacle.

Ahead of us behind the doors we see a huge mechanical worm, it will pass between the floors and we will fall down. Wake up next to the girl Larissa, help her save the dying soldier.

Boss: VOV-A6-CH “Laboratory Technician”. A robot bursts in, fires a laser. In the corridor, we engage him in close combat. We dodge the lasers to the side. Hit with an axe, dodge, repeat.

6. Victor Petrov. Find and Disarm (2)

On the doors we hack the electronic lock: the lights randomly light up in a circle, we need to click our fingers in time to slide all the side elements. After snapping, the bulbs switch the other way, and gradually speed up.

Along the corridor we pass into the preservation room. Inside the red machine “Eleanor”, she will grab us with her tentacles. We use the gauntlet to disable it. After winning we can use the machine to improve our skills and weapons. We’ll spend the resource neuropolymer, get the skill “Shocker.

In front of the doors, search the crate, we’ll find the “arrogant Vovchiki” (4). On the right in the cul-de-sac collect resources. On the left, go back to the elevators.

7. Not so fast, Major.

We need to energize the elevator. Go to the red door, it has a lock, which requires a special key. On the landing, we go up to the floor above. On the way the security video cameras “Chamomile”, they can be deactivated by shock or destroyed by gunshots.

Looking for the key to the technical room in the Administration, it is in a room with several bodies, in a corner dresser. In the next such room is “Monday begins on Saturday” (5). There are 3 messages on the computer.

We go back down to the lock, insert the key-cookie. In the room resources, ammo, 2 messages. On the wall you need to hack the “passive safety relay”. We need to properly rotate the red circles so that the red beams on the right hit the red lights on the left. We move the blue beam down so that it hits the blue bulb.

Go to the elevator, go to the top floor, jump over the chasm, jump to the right. We go back to where we fell from. In the hallway, apply the shock on the radiator above the folding door.

8. Victor Petrov. Find and disarm (3).

In the left room, computers, 3+2 messages, tape recorder. There are 3 robots in the main corridor, it is better to eliminate them inconspicuously. In the next room on the left is a kraft machine.

Walk along the line of carriages. Dodge the round booths. In the breach on the left, swim into the polymer, swim through the tunnel. At the exit of the Fox’s axe, the preservation room.

Examine the lock with bulbs, it needs a password. Nearby, shoot under the ceiling, open the folding door. Pass in a dead end, near the body we find a clue with the password. Go back to the lock, draw the password as on the clue: the rhombus in the upper left corner.

In the cabin we press the button, turn on the cable car. Get in the round cabin, and go down. We get hit by someone with a laser.

At the drop point we fight off 2 robots. On the yellow tube we climb up, jump on the bars on the right. Ahead we see a large mechanical worm. Don’t go forward until it drills past us. Do not stand near the white walls, the worm will appear from them. We fight off the black robot. We sneak into the bottom left hole.

In the room there is a body (1), we can listen to his thoughts with the polymer, for all the bodies in the game we get an achievement. Climb into the hatch, through the ventilation will return to the tunnel cable car. Go to the next stop, save.

On the way a laser wall. We see a man die on it. In the side room is a computer, 4 messages. We go to the machine for crafting, buy the skill “kiss Eleanor”. Spread out on the shift. We can cross lasers, take damage, but stay alive.

9. On the hot footsteps.

We see Petrov in the hall and hear him talking to Filatova. We try to grab him, but he sets two flying drones on us. From below 3 robots will come running.

After the fight we learn that to open the door we need to find the key “Candle”. In the hall we go down, examine the electric birch, in front of it “Memo for employees” (6). Go up to the other balcony. Upstairs, search the office, climb into the round hatch on the wall, into the vent. Crack the lock with a timer. On the floor near the sitting body we look for a Makarov PM pistol. We take the luminous orb “Candle”, carry it to the next balcony, unlock the door.

In the room are malfunctioning robot loaders, bypass them. There is a report on the computer. In the doorway forklift lifts crates, run under it in time.

There are many moving forklifts in the warehouse. There is a save room to the left of the entrance, inside is a blueprint for the “Electric Emi-Generator.” In the far left corner of the warehouse climb up the mountain of crates, stop the forklift with a shock, jump on his crate, jerk jump into the polymer under the ceiling. We swim to the upper cabinet.

Near the racks, fight with 1 robot, a little later will come 2nd. Near the round window, shoot the video camera. In the central room is a lock, where you need to insert 3 capsules with lunar soil.

The 1st capsule at the entrance, where you met the enemy.

The 2nd capsule. In the center of the castle, press a button, a side room will open. Go to the polymer, on the other side, press the button. In the study we will find the blueprints “Electro”. The capsule is in the crafting machine. Use the blueprint to create an energy weapon that does not need ammo. We go out through the ventilation hatch.

The 3rd capsule lies on the path in the ventilation. Install them all.

Go through the Seed Fund. On the right side of the warehouse. In the warehouse climb over the crates, right behind them firing cannon. Next is another cannon, 4 robots, flying drones.

We take the elevator higher. There is a video camera at the exit. Passing into the room, inside the drawing “Ammunition for the gun,” the preservation.

Behind the room, go to the right, climb the boxes and platforms, along the right wall. We find the blueprints “Fire cassette. Jump on the bridges below. Ahead of 1 robot, a machine gun, the blueprint “Middle Capsule”. Crack the lock with a timer. Behind the room go up on the forklift, from the roof roll down the sloping rope.

We go down to the warehouse behind the fence. On this side you can unlock the timer lock on the fence. On the next fence is a lock with colored dots. Here we turn 3 highlighted circles, and the whole circle. We need to move the red and blue dots opposite the same side elements.

Behind the 3rd lock, we climb up the fallen panels. At the top cling to the yellow handles on the wall, jump on the handles on the right. At the top take the chest. Jump into the polymer pit.

We end up in the lower warehouse on the other side. We pick the lock on the fence. In the corner we examine the body, in front of it the entry “Now who’s brainless?” (7). It’s Petrov, he was decapitated by robots, we take the “Candle” from him. Take the orb through the warehouse, put it in the column near the “Birch PC-4. The second “Candle” we take from the castle upstairs, put in the 2 nd column.

10. In the overgrown park.

Doors to the outside will not open until we turn on the birch, for this you will need to find 4 flasks in different workshops. On the 1st floor near the flashing light, a door opens, go through it. In the corridors on the left there is a drawing of “Dynamo”, save. Flasks can be taken in any order, for each a different task.

11. Race against time.

Algoceh. In the next left room there are 2 robots with broken heads. On the tables, look for the entry “Here we go…” (8). With the button we unlock a wide corridor, there are 2 side rooms, each with 2 robots. In the corridor itself there are 2+2 robots. To the left around the corner unlock the lock with dots.

Behind the window we will see a large robot balloon “Hedgehog”. On the left conservation room, there is a drawing of the “Electric cassette”. We jump into the hall, through the polymer. There are 3 robots on the upper platform. Jump over the chasm between the platforms. The capsule is not in place. Nearby on the box is “It’s not Vova – it’s Mario” (9). There are 3 more robots at the bottom. On the polymer we float up, there’s preservation.

At one upper pad, from the crates take an empty flask, jump over and put it in the white panel. At the top platform with the preservation, we press the button, get on the overhead elevator, go along the rails, at each point start the motor with your shock. Shoot the flying drones.

12. Restart.

The elevator will stop. On the right, jump to the balcony, solve the puzzle with the rays on the wall. 2 robots will attack. Solution: blue beam up into the center, fork down into the center. Go further on the platform, charge 2 more motors.

13. And all lit up.

Go back down, take the flask with the polymer. We go down another corridor, save ourselves. At the fork, on the left side of the drawer “Solution to the problems of smokers” (10). Near the birch, insert the flask.

14. “They want to green Mars.”

Hot Shop. Go to the next corridor, up the stairs. There are three entries in the right room. Climb through the breach in the wall. Go down to the boiler room. Crack the lock with the timer, there’s a way back. Down the stairwell below.

15. Into the heat.

Downstairs we need to cool 3 boilers in the boiler room. Kill 3 robots. From the round tube we take the blue ball “cryogenic element”. In the next room we launch the ball into the open end of the glass pipe. Nearby stir 2 robots. On the center table “Temporary difficulties 02/02” (11).

In the hall we examine the glass pipes, from afar we pull the ball behind us, guide it through the maze to the boiler. Throw 2 more balls into the pipe, guide them through other routes. New robots will come out all the time.

We need to pick up the flask with the heat-resistant polymer. On the landing back upstairs, save yourself. We enter the red room. Stand on the pallet robot loader, waiting for 2 raises, jump on the platform. On the boxes climb above, jump and take the flask. Return to the birch.

16. In the overgrown park… (2).

Cold Shop. In the second corridor, go to the right. Use your glove to move the magnetic door on the path. We see a few mutant plants and animals. Examine the body in the suit (2). There are 4 messages on the computer, audio recordings. Climb into the ventilation hatch.

In the room we kill the flying plant, a clot on the flask. On the right wall is a video camera. Three robots will attack. Above the cistern is another video camera. Nearby, we climb through the hatch.

In the hall there are capsules with mutant animals. In the center, the computer shows 9 cells. We turn all the valves to the right so that all cells become green. All animals will die and they will be made into polymer. Go through the blue door, there is a save on the side.

17. March of flowers.

We need to power up the cold shop. There are several robots among the hydroponics beds. In the room upstairs, on the wall solve the puzzle with lasers: blue beam to the center, fork to the center.

We press the red button and the lights in the room will turn on. The drones will knock out the lights again. Clear the hall of enemies, apply a shock to the red circles on the ceiling. Restart the lights.

Waiting for the flask to fill, go back to the control room. Taking the flask, go back to the birch. Jump through the round hatch with a pipe. Down there are 3 robots, a little further, 4 more, a black robot. Unlock the lock with a timer.

18. What you sow, you reap.

The pesticide factory. Behind the doors, we’ll be attacked by a scientist, disarm him. He will explain that it is necessary to destroy a huge hogweed. We go to look for the yellow canister with PA-400. We go on the bridge, ahead on the right there is a preservation room.

At the top of the remote to turn the platform with rails. In the corner near the stairs is “Observation Record 1. Buzzard! You’re in the way!” (12). Go down, shoot the nests on the walls. Bidon will turn out to be a whole wagon. We go upstairs, there is a preservation, a lock.

At the top of the canister jump to the next platform. Using the glove slide the magnetic platform under the ceiling to the right, then jump to the right back to the 1st panel. Slide the carriage forward, turn the platform. On the platform jump forward through the window to the 2nd panel. Be careful, the floor will collapse nearby.

In the next hall, move another magnetic platform. Jump to the left far bridge, there’s a body (3). Go down the side corridor to the right, jump on the turntable to the 3rd console. Slide the pad, drive the wagon, after the turn, slide the empty wagon on the track.

By the 4th panel climb on the box and the inclined stairs at the wall. Spin the platform, move the wagon to the center. On the two platforms, jump to the 5 th console on the central island.

Go to the other hall. On the platform jump on the balcony in the corner, there near the body “Record of observations 2” (13), the 6th console. We move the car to the initial hall in front of the borscht. At the top of the save.

Use the 7th remote. Let’s blow up the car under the bushwhacker. We’ll be crushed by debris and the scientist will be killed by a flying plant. We kill the mutant, take the flask. There’s more preservation room downstairs.

19. Locked up with enemies.

On the way back several mutants will attack, we are locked in a corner room. On the walls, shoot off plant clots. A strong mutant boss will appear, his health is shown by the white bar above. After victory, go back to the birch. On the way, at the top crossroads there is a body (4).

20. Take your feet away.

The birch will turn on, the main door will open. Get in the elevator.

21. A breath of fresh air.

On the surface in the room 3+3 message.

  • The woodsman’s village. Outside flying drones “bees”, they restore all the other robots around. Among the drones there is a scout “vulture”, it is powered by the wind generator “vetrols”. It is better to act stealthily, otherwise the video cameras or scouts will call in reinforcements from the robots. Alarm level is shown in the upper right corner of the screen. You can not kill them all, you have to hide all the time.
  • Immediately shoot the video camera on the pole. There are robot lumberjacks around the house, sneak up on them from behind, and dismantle. Near the fence is a small sculpture “The Fox and the Kolobok”, next to “To the Finder – a thank you and a jug of milk!” (14).
  • We can look at the wooden houses nearby. In the barn there is a condensed milk, 2 messages. The 2nd house has a robot, 3 messages. We break into the next house. On the right side of the street, on the house lock with 3 colored dots. Inside 2+2 messages. In the round concrete building there is preservation.

Down the road is a locked gate, there is a “Snap-A” lock on it, you need to disable it on the control panel. We go to the 2-storey building, near the tower is Volan, climb it in the elevator. Baba Zina will be in touch, she has the codes to Volan, but first we need to go to her.

22. House in the village.

We go to the hill, through the open gate in the fence. Examine the sink in the courtyard, here we will be attacked by a robot with many eyes. He will be burned by the flying hut of Baba Zina.

In the hut we’ll watch TV. Sechenov reports that the malfunction at the plant is eliminated. Molotov is not happy anyway, it could derail the “Atomic Heart” project. Molotov will start his own inspection at the enterprise.

23. A cheat sheet for SDK-2 “Volan”.

We take the “Dominator” blueprint from the table. Go back to the tower, on top we hack the Volan. On the map will be able to see the view from any security camera. Select the camera near the gate, look at them, open them with the key F.

24. Morning Express

Go downstairs, pass the gate. Get in the red car, drive on. On the left you can see some houses. In the courtyard is a lumberjack and a black robot. Go to the end of the road, shoot down the robots.

Continue on the path on the right, through the woods. Examine the hut, kill the robot. Near the rocks, a lot of lumberjacks. Near the 2nd hut 1 robot, 1 black enemy.

Downstairs is a large building, the dining room, search 2 floors. Outside there are several robots. On the tower chest with resources and a black robot. We go up to the platform of the station “Lesnaya”, enter the train “Whirlwind”. The robot in the dining car will tell us that we definitely need a ticket.

25. Excellent

We go down to the ground, search the bodies of the dead passengers. In the dead end of the road is a body (5), take a ticket from him. Nearby we need to kill a black lab technician. If we bring the ticket to the robot, he will not accept it, the ticket expired, it must be replaced at the ticket office.

On the main street killed the ticket, the body (6). A little further, dead soldier, body (7). We go to the 2-storey building. The right room is blocked. Go around the building, enter from the rear entrance into the canteen. In the window polymer, through it we swim to the 2nd floor. In a locked room dead technician, the body (8), from him we take a pass for a month. Return to the train.

26. What does the coming day hold for us?

A robot ball will attack us on the way. The train falls off the line, we jump out at the next station. Here we meet Stockhausen and get a coin-shaped device with legs. The scientist will hide in the building.

We need to get to the exhibition. We fight off the robots on the platform. We find out that there is a testing ground nearby. Below there is a machine for crafting, preservation.

On the ground go to the shore. On the pier is a tower, the doors to it are locked.

We walk along the land to the shore. On the pier there is a tower, the doors to it are locked. Nearby go up to the big tower Volan, move into the chamber next to it, through it unlock the doors on the pier.

Return, inside the tower we can disable the defense system “Vulture”. The probe sits nearby on the water, run to him, cling to the yellow tube in the center. On the rope roll into the park stadium. At the side wall save.

Boss: EZH-7 “Hedgehog. We press the button in the center, a mechanical flower will open, and we will be attacked by a large robot ball. Don’t get too close, or we’ll be attracted by the rotation. We dodge the robot, and when it stops, shoot the red circle. From the blows on the ground waves spread, jump over them. Later, the robot will start shooting projectiles, dodge to the side in time. You can press buttons to raise the columns, the robot will crash into them. After winning, save.

27. Blurred mirror.

Go down the front stairs, at the bottom slide the 2 movable balls to the sides with your glove. The right ball will turn on the mirror. And the left ball is jammed, slide it away, and quickly jump into the hatch nearby.

Under the ground we need to fix the mechanism of the mirror. On the way there are rooms with magnetic fields. Shoot the shock at the ceiling, and all objects will fly up. Climb the empty platforms to the door.

In the hall, charge the ceiling, jump on 2 platforms to the center. Disconnect the ceiling, jump to the blue island, then to the far right corner. Charge ceiling, jump to balcony with exit. Robot, save.

2nd hall. In the hallway, unlock the timer lock. On the floor solve the puzzle with lasers: blue beam to the other side, fork in the center. The door to the 2nd hall will open.

Downstairs search all the boxes. Stand on the red platform on the wall, charge the ceiling. Jump on the balcony with the raised bridge, switch the ceiling. On the blue platform on the side solve the puzzle with the rays: blue ray down.

Jump to the red platform in the center, switch the ceiling. Jump to the blue platform between two columns, switch ceiling. From the next red platform jump to the balcony with the exit. Saving.

3rd hall. Jump to the red platform on the right, switch, to the blue track, to the center island. Switch, on the blue platforms, jump to the platforms at the wall. Switch, go to the corner platform, on the red platform to the balcony. Conservation.

On the wall puzzle with lasers: blue beam to the center, both forks to the center. In the broken room, climb on the forklift, and further on the platforms. Switch the ceiling, go to the blue platform, climb, switch, jump to the next blue platform. Jump on the inclined ladder, switch, stand on the blue track. Stand on top of steel wall, switch, walk to door. Conservation.

On the floor puzzle with lasers: change the center bottom circle. Go through the doors, go up with the mirror. Enter the exhibition building VDNH. In the corridor lock with bulbs, no code yet.

Behind the wooden doors, in a room tied dead guide, the body (9). There are 3 messages. On the slate the code for the lock is drawn: rhombus, start from the bottom left of the center. Unlock the room opposite, inside the chest. Further to the left is the preservation room.

At the end of the corridor lies the robot Tereshkova, disconnected from the infected network, and without hands. She can help us if we find her hands.

28. Hands off.

In the room near the robot, search all the lockers and read the messages. We go back to the room with the body, climb into the ventilation hatch. In the next room just a robot waiter. There are 5 messages in the right corner. One body has in his hand “And bad things are not learnt without a wielder” (15).

When we take Tereshkova’s hand, the waiter attacks us, he spits acid and jumps from afar. In the corridor we unlock the lock with a timer, in the circular corridor we open the main doors.

29. Made in the USSR.

Hall of Information. Tereshkova will recover and greet us. We order her to enter military drill mode at the exhibition. She will demand to prove that we are not a robot, but a human being. To do this, we need to find the Darwin test. We need to put on the table 3 objects representing labor, art, life.

  1. Voice of the Motherland. In the center under the counter we take the radio.
  2. Symbol of Motherland. We go to the room with a golden statue, look up, from the hand of the worker pull a hammer.
  3. Sprout of the Motherland. Go into the room on the left, on the scales on the left put 3 boxes, and then the right will open a capsule with a room flower.

In a conversation with Tereshkova choose all 3 top lines to give her items. After that we will have to collect the second robot Clara by parts. Follow Tereshkova, on the way she will discuss all the other robot models. At the bottom stand connect the head to the control panel on the floor. In the room next to it, we save ourselves.

In the multi-storey hall, shoot robots and drones. We start on the 4th floor, gradually going down. On the 2nd floor we examine the white body (10). On the other side is the capsule panel, the preservation room.

In the center of the 1st floor, on the seats near the circular element lies the “Generation Change” (16). On the 1st floor in the recess we examine Clara’s body.

30. Mustachioed Karl has stolen a coral from Clara!

You need to find all the parts of Clara’s robot. Four side doors will open.

31. The Major, the witch and the old warehouse

On the 1st floor we go to the technical rooms. On the way 2 computers, there is a hive of drones in the hall. We pick the lock with 3 colored lights. Behind the door there is a safe preservation room.

Spin the valve, this will tilt the whole room in front. Twist 3 times, go through the door in front. In the lower hall kill robots, in the wall pass under the raised gate, go down to the floor below, on the ceiling we will see the inverted rooms.

Puzzle with rooms. 1) Upstairs twist the valve in front of the grate, until there is a room with the 2nd valve inside by the circular window. 2) Spin the 2nd room until tall cabinets appear. 3) Spin the 1st valve 3 times, so that there is a pass-through room. Go inside.

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