How to make a gamepass on roblox


Gamepass allows Roblox users to enjoy special privileges. Are you looking for exclusive access to specific game areas? Are you looking for limited-access items in the game? We’ll show you how to get a game pass that will allow you to do all of this, and much more.

What’s Gamepass in Roblox

Roblox’s developers have the ability to make special subscriptions for Roblox users. These can be purchased once only.

You can use them to grant players special access or an item to their avatar.

Because gamepasses can only be used once per player, players will continue to enjoy this unique effect even after they quit the game.

Roblox Gamepass allows Roblox users to purchase special passes. These special passes allow Roblox developers to create limited areas in Roblox, access exclusive items and permanent enhancement options.

Gamepass is a unique service that allows players to purchase special passes only once.

What is the best way to create Roblox Gamepass?

Here are the steps to get a Gamepass for Roblox

Step 1  Log in to your Roblox account with your ID and password.

Step 2  Go to the “Add Game Pass” The page you use to publish your games.

Step 3  Under “My Creations” ! Go to the “Game Passes”

Step 4  Press Create a Game Pass!

Step 5  A Game Pass has been created. It will require you to select an icon that will be easily visible by the players.

Step 6  Click on button ” Choose the desired file Click here to add the requested icon.

Step 7  Name your Gamepass and write a suitable description.

Step 8  Press “Preview” you can view the final results and confirm that the uploaded file has been confirmed with the “Verify Upload”.

How easy is it to make a Roblox Gamepass?

Roblox offers a free Gamepass. It is possible to set how many robucks players have to pay in order for them the special Gamepass.

This will allow you as the game developer to create as many gamepasses as you like for players and to set the cost of each one to make robucks.

What is the cost of creating a Roblox Gamepass?

It is possible to create a free gamepass. Additionally, you can set the number of robucks that another user must buy it. Roblox will require you to pay 30% commission if your game is developed.

If you buy your Roblox Gamepass at 300 Robucks, then you’ll get 210 Robucks.

How do I change the price of my gamepass?

Roblox Gamepass prices can be changed at any time, as with all other items within the game. You can change its price by going to My Creations, clicking on Games and then heading to Store. There you will find the Roblox Pass, which you can then change according to the above algorithm. Done! It’s possible to use your phone!


It is, however, better to use a computer. Future versions of gamepass will make it easier to install.


Roblox Gamepass is a great way to earn free robucks if you are a talented game developer.

So, if you have talent and creative ideas, try your hand at creating gamepasses. It’s completely free!

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