Malenia, Mikella’s Blade in the Elden Ring: How to Win


In Elden Ring, Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is one of the most popular characters. Her story and backstory are phenomenal, her arena is stunning, and even the region in which she lives is filled with constant moments of awe. In addition, the boss encounter is incredibly challenging, but fair, epic, and gorgeous.

Although by all accounts this is an optional boss fight, that won’t stop most people from going through the trouble to get to it. Everything about this fight is breathtaking, but it’s understandable that many people try to overpower it. After all, this is one of the toughest fights in the entire game, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Overview of Malenya

  • Location: Elfael, pillar of the Holy Tree
  • Mandatory: Yes
  • Invocations: Players and Ashes of the Spirit
  • Drop: 480,000 runes, Remembrance of the Goddess of Decay, the Great Rune of Malenia
  • Weakness: Bleed, freeze

Malenia, Mikella’s blade, dwells in the depths of Elfael. To get here, however, you must first reach Mikella’s Holy Tree, which can take quite some time. While this encounter is optional, it may be worth taking the time to find it, as it is one of the most unique battles in the entire game. Also, this whole area is packed with great items and equipment, but the enemies here are very fierce, so be prepared. We recommend trying to tackle Malenia closer to the end of the game, when you’re about 90-100 levels in. She’s pretty hard to deal with.

If you manage to defeat Malenia in battle, you’ll earn 480,000 runes and the Memories of the Goddess of Rot, which you can exchange for cool rewards from Enya in the Round Table Fortress. In addition, you will also receive the Great Rune of Malenya, which you can activate by taking it to the Sacred Tower. The Sacred Tower can be accessed via the teleporter on the Sacred Bridge or via the teleportation chest in the Tower of Ruins.

Malenya attacks

The thing is, Malenia doesn’t have many attacks, but the ones she does have are insanely good, well mastered, and hard to deal with. Think of her as the final boss in a fighting game. She doesn’t have to have a ton of abilities, just a handful of great ones that will destroy you if you make the slightest miscalculation or are too careless.

There are two phases to this battle, and both are excruciatingly difficult. The second phase can be a little more difficult, though, as it can shoot just about anyone, even those who have built their physique on great health reserves and heavy armor. She hits hard and is incredibly nimble. One wrong move and you’re dead, but there’s nothing impossible or unfair about it. Just take it one step at a time and you win.

Phase 1

Bird Dance

Malenia leaps into the air and dives at her target. She then circles eloquently around her target, executing a series of oblique blows with her blade. She then launches two more oblique attacks with a gap in between, and then completes them with another spinning AoE attack. This attack has multiple strikes, and each one eventually kills the target.

  • Tip: Run away from Malenia and keep running to create great distance between you. If you have a shield with excellent defense enhancement, you can use it to absorb most of her blows. If all else fails, try rolling over to her if she catches you, this will allow you to have a chance to survive her onslaught of blows. Rolling backwards or sideways will likely catch her fury, so we recommend avoiding this at all costs.

Strike Combo

Much of Malenya’s attacking prowess comes from this one move. Malenia’s sprawling attack is quickly followed by five possible moves, each of which is devastating.

  • Tip: Malenia’s strike is easily telegraphed and can be avoided without much effort if you watch out for it. However, we recommend running away from her when she tries to repeat the blow with multiple punches or grabs. The Dash Slash is telegraphed with a quick flash on the blade, giving you enough time to block or get away.

Phase 2

Scarlet Eonia.

Malenia will leap into the air and dive at the player, creating a huge flower on the ground around herself where she landed. The flower will then quickly explode, spreading scarlet rot around her in a large AoE. She will always perform this attack first in phase two and will do so periodically throughout the encounter.

  • Tip: When Malenia takes off into the sky, run under and through her and keep moving. Stay away from her and avoid Scarlet Rot at all costs. After landing, Malenia will temporarily be unable to attack or move, so she won’t pose a threat to you. Don’t take any chances, just wait until the attack is over before engaging her.

Phantom Summoning

Malenia jumps high into the air and sends ghostly visions of herself into the target in a straight line, dealing excessive damage. She then completes the attack by diving and striking the target with a sweeping blow.

  • Tip: Create distance and constantly dodge left and right, don’t stay in one position and never dodge in a straight line. This ability tracks you, so it’s better to have her visions off course.

How to defeat Malenia

Both ranged and melee players will have to work hard in this fight, as Malenia is relentless and can put choking pressure on her opponents. If you hesitate even for a second, Malenia can take advantage of the situation and finish you off before the fight even begins. She will instantly eliminate any gap and destroy you in the blink of an eye, but you can overcome this with a solid strategy and a lot of patience.

Hand-to-hand combat strategy

In the first phase of the encounter, the vast majority of Malenya’s attacks can be avoided by rolling to the left or right when she performs them. In addition, Malenia has incredibly low self-control, which means you can interrupt her attacks and occasionally stun her. If possible, use weapons that can bleed, as they will periodically take large chunks of her health. The only attacks you should always be prepared for are her waterfowl dance and grapple, we told you about how to parry them above!

In the second phase, you should use patience and attack only when you have the opportunity. We recommend luring out her Scarlet Aeonia attack, running away from her and using, for example, Ashes of War: Bloodblade. If you don’t have that option, we strongly recommend that you wait until she lands before trying to damage her. You can go around her in a circle and strike her once or twice, but go on the defensive right away. Don’t be reckless. Just let her do her attacks, throw a couple of punches, run away, and repeat until you defeat her!

Long-range combat strategy

In some ways, the first phase of Malenya can be more challenging for ranged players than the second, and that’s because ranged players have almost no time to breathe or create distance. Even with the recent improvement, we highly recommend using Mimic Ashes Burst as a distraction, allowing you to occasionally cast uncontrollable spells on her. The only attack you have to watch out for is her Waterfowl Dance. For that, we advise you to distance yourself from her as soon as you see her leave the ground. If you manage to avoid this attack, the first phase will pass without any problems.

In the second phase we recommend to accumulate some mana flasks or oxcold starlight to restore mana. You will need a lot of them. Basically, the strategy here is to attack Malenya only during her recovery period after attacking Scarlet Eonia. If you can use Comet Azur, use it here to take away large chunks of her health when she performs this attack. Be patient in this phase and let your False Tear distract her until her last breath. You can deal tons of damage as a ranged hero if you use powerful spells when she’s motionless.

General Tips

  • Reach level 90-100 or higher;
  • Beware of the”Bird Dance” attack. You don’t want to get caught in a roll;
  • If you have an Ashes of War spell for close combat – preferably Bloodblade – use it while Malenia is recovering from Scarlet Eonia;
  • Ranged users must use a powerful spell on Malenya during her recovery period after Scarlet Eonia.
  • We recommend using Comet Azur if you have it available;
  • Patience is key in this encounter. Be patient and bait her attacks on which you know you can profit. Avoid greed and don’t rush into damage.
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