The Staff of the Half-Human Queen and the Crystal Salvo in the Elden Ring: How to Get


In the Elden Ring, Demi-Human Queens Staff is one of the scepter-shaped staffs that can be found and used, and Crystal Burst is a type of magic that fires a hail of glittering shards at your enemies. All of these can be found and here’s how to do it.

How to get the Staff of the Halfhuman Queen and Crystal Burst

Go through the bridge

The Staff of the Halfhuman Queen can be found on the ground south of the Tombstone. Getting there is quite easy: the remnants of an old road lead directly to the bridge connecting the two lands. Crossing the Sacrificial Bridge is another matter entirely, with guards and a ballista firing explosive bolts. Breaking through it is worthwhile, however, as behind it is an area where you can get one of the best bows in the Elden Ring, as well as the Staff.

Go west and up

The next step is to find a tower on the island with more guards. To get to it, you have to drive or sneak through a field of flowers, which can warn the enemies of your approach, but once the tower is cleared, players will no longer fire a ballista at it. Getting hit by a sniper for the first time is perhaps the”fun” death in Elden Ring, but not one that requires repetition.

Sweep the ruins of the half-humans

When the tower is cleared, the nearby forest becomes accessible, and in it are the ruins of the half-humans. There’s even a sleeping chief of the half-humans in the ruins, which must be dealt with quickly and as quietly as possible.

After that is the main event: the battle with the half-human queen and her court (more regular demi-humans). It’s not officially a boss fight, but the queen is huge, has big, sprawling attacks, and can backfire on the player surprisingly quickly. She also uses Crystal Volley magic, the magic equivalent of a shotgun blast.

Since she can destroy walls and there are likely still half-humans around, the fight can quickly devolve into a chaotic Elden Ring frenzy. It is recommended that you deal with her minions first, preferably one at a time while the queen is distracted. Defeat her and you get the Staff of the half-human queen and the magic Crystal Salvo. Before you leave, make sure to look around the ruins for the ladder, which leads to a unique shield with a barrier.

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