The Sword of Saint Trina in the Elden Ring: How to Get It


In Elden Ring, the Sword of St Trina is a powerful combat weapon endowed with the unique Smoke of Sleep skill. When activated, the sword releases a purple mist that casts a dream state effect on the target. In addition, the blade’s light attacks can also cause enemies to fall into a drowsy state.

While the sleep effect does not naturally apply to all bosses or elite enemies, it can affect enemies such as Bastard Leonin or Margit, the Terrible Omen, causing them to temporarily stumble. Such results may cause you to experiment with the Sword of Saint Trina to find out which enemies around the world are vulnerable to the sword’s dubious power. Indeed, many more powerful weapons will far surpass the Sword of Saint Trina. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use this blade as a secondary weapon, using it to put enemies to sleep and then switch to your primary weapon for a critical hit.

Where to find the Sword of Saint Trina

The location of the Sword of Saint Trina is in the northwestern part of the Star Wastes at the Place of Grace”Balcony Overlooking the Rot”. From the Plague Shack, if tainted adventurers look down into the valley, they may spot a huge, raven-headed beast sitting on a branch. This creature guards the crypt known as the Outcast Ruins, the place where the Sword of Saint Trina is hidden. Although the player does not need to defeat the raven to enter the ruins, he will need the Swordsman’s Key to enter the underground passageway.

Get to the Rejected Ruins

To get to the Abandoned Ruins, you must follow the trail northeast from the Tombstone to the Smoldering Temple in the Starry Wastes. Along the way, they will encounter a fork in the road. The left one will lead to one of the region’s erdtrees, and the right one will continue on the trail. Head further up the trail and then rest at the Place of Grace”Balcony overlooking the rot. Riding Potkoy, rush to the statue of the demon and disperse the barrier. At this time the raven monster will descend upon the player, but cannot deal damage. Immediately dodge it and go down to the crypt below. Open the chest to get the Sword of Saint Trina.

The Sword of Saint Trina has a stat requirement of 10 Strength, 12 Dexterity, and 14 Wisdom. Those who are going to build a superpowered build might not want to mess up their stats for this weapon. On the other hand, those who are building a hybrid class or who are curious to see how this blade can be useful in their attack rotation may want to allocate their stats accordingly in the Elden Ring.

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