Where to Find the Lantern in the Elden Ring


In Elden Ring, the Lantern is a belt-worn Key item, dimmer than a hand torch but freeing the user’s hand. This feature is extremely useful, as many players require a two-handed weapon or shield.

Many players have undoubtedly met the Kale merchant at the Temple of Elle in Zamogilya and purchased a torch from him. However, there are those who don’t know where and how to acquire the optimal alternative to the Torch – the Lantern. Fortunately, the game offers two places to purchase the Torch, just in case you missed the first one at the beginning of your journey. Both Lanterns are sold by NPC merchants and cost 1,800 runes. Therefore, the player will need to prepare these funds before visiting either merchant.

Where to find or buy the Lantern

The first place to buy a Lantern in Elden Ring is on the Weeping Peninsula, the southern sub-region of Zamogil. More specifically, you can find the Lantern in the Isolated Merchant’s Shack off the southwest coast of the peninsula. To reach this place, you must head southeast from the First Step Grace Site and cross the Sacrifice Bridge. The enemies patrolling the area are not very strong, but the ballista guarding the bridge can be tough prey.

Go further south and you’ll come across a fork in the road. From here, take the road to the right and head north to the Village of the Sick. Continue west until you reach the Temple of the Pilgrimage, from which players can descend southwest down a large slope and into the valley below. An isolated merchant’s shack can be found southwest of the Wandering Mausoleum.

Suppose you haven’t yet explored the Weeping Peninsula or missed the Isolated Merchant. In that case, you can buy another lantern from a nomadic merchant near the place of grace on the shore of the lake in Lakeland Laurnia. Liornia is located just above Lakeshore, and can be reached by defeating Godric or by walking the mountain trail north of Wuthering Heights Castle. Once you reach the cliffs, you can head northwest to the shore of Lakeland Laurnia, just south of the Region Map Fragment. As mentioned above, a nomadic merchant will sell the lantern for the same price of 1,800 runes.

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